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The New England Rug Company is a online rug store subsidiary of The Carpet Workroom. If you are in the Boston area please make an appointment and visit!

New England Rug Co. aims to craft and deliver luxurious, modern area rugs to homes across the country. 

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  • Area Rug: A carpet broadloom that has been cut out and fabricated to only cover a specific area of the floor rather than wall-to-wall carpeting. 
  • Carpet Broadloom: Carpet produced in widths wider than 6 feet. Broadlooms are usually 12 feet wide, but may also be 13 feet, 2 inches. However, larger widths of 15 feet and 16 feet, 4 inches increasingly are becoming more popular. Broadloom carpet is extremely customizable and can be made into various shapes to be installed on stairs, as wall-to-wall, in basements, etc.
  • Carpet Finishing: The overall fabrication process of converting a carpet broadloom into a finished area rug or runner. This consists of cutting, shaping, edging and seaming together a carpet. 
  • Felt Carpet Pad: Comes in 32 ounce and 40 ounce densities and is actually made from a synthetic jute. This is our most commonly used rug pad and can also be used as an underlayment for runners and wall-to-wall carpeting as well. This is a performance pad, so it’s firm and built to extend the life of the rug or carpet rather than to provide a cushy, cloud feeling.
  • Flat Weave: Flat, woven rugs are made by hand or machine by weaving vertical yarns (warps) through the horizontal yarns (wefts). Because they are not woven onto a backing, the rugs are sometimes reversible. These products do particularly well in high traffic areas because they won’t shed as much as other wool products and won’t show wear patterns as easily as their plush alternatives. Today, we find these types of carpets and runners are best suited for stair projects.
  • Herringbone Pattern: a pattern with a distinctive “V” shape and it breaks at each section’s reversal. Herringbone patterns work when you want interest and a textural look but do not want an overwhelming pattern. Also, this pattern adds height to a space because of the direction it runs. 
  • Hollywood Stair Runner: A stair runner that contours and covers the entire staircase from top to bottom.  
  • Jute: A natural carpet material made from the fibers of the Corchorus Plant, which is native to tropical climates. Jute is cut and soaked in water, which can later help break apart the fibers before the material is even woven into carpet or area rugs. It tends to be smoother and softer, but jute works best in spaces that have less foot traffic, as the material can break down easily.
  • Non-skid Pad: Padding that is designed to keep your rug in place and prevent it from moving across the floor 
  • Patterned Loop: A woven or tufted carpet style that has the tufts looped in a certain manner to create its own unique pattern or design.
  • Patterned Match: Lining up carpet material in a certain way during the fabrication process so the design or patterns flow consistently across the seams to create a visually appealing look.
  • Pattern Streak: Visually apparent streaking in patterned carpet resulting from linear contrast of patterns and designs going in one direction.
  • Remnant: Carpet material/rolls that are left over from an installation or fabrication that has been completed. While these remaining pieces can stay with the customer, they often stay behind in our workroom unused. This gives us the ability to offer these remnants at a discounted rate. 
  • Rubber Pad: Comes in a variety of weights and densities. These may not extend the life of your rug, but they will give you a soft, cloud-like feel under foot.
  • Seagrass Carpet: Carpet made from a perennial plant that grows in the water from the Asia-Pacific region. The grass-like leaves are durable, and when woven together, create a natural visually appealing carpet style. 
  • Sisal: A natural carpet material that is made from the fibers of sisal plants, a Mexican agave specifically cultivated for its fibers. It is an extremely durable type of carpet material with one exception: when it gets wet, it does discolor. This means it can’t be cleaned by typical cleaning methods.
  • Stair Runner: A long area rug that has been fabricated specifically to be placed over stairs. Stair runners are designed to still show the stair’s flooring on the sides by not covering the entire area. They offer protection for your stairs and limit the amount of noise pollution that comes from walking on stairs. 
  • Tufted Carpet: These rugs are created without knots. Instead, loops of yarn are pulled through the rug’s backing material using a machine or a hand-held tool. The loops are then sheared to create a smooth-cut pile surface. Since less work is involved than in the construction of a hand-knotted rug, even the highest-quality tufted rugs can be produced relatively quickly and inexpensively. 
  • Waterfall Stair Runner: A stair runner that cascades and falls down after each step rather than contouring the whole staircase.
  • Wool Carpet: A type of fiber derived from the fur of sheep. It’s one of the most preferred types of carpet materials due to its durability, resilience and softness. 


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