Curl Stop: Anti-Curling Rug System

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  • Pack of 4 corners. Holds tight to rugs, not your floors. Works over carpet or hard surface floors.
  • Proven to work both indoors and outdoors - EASY to apply
  • Invented by veteran rug industry experts - A secret of interior designers for years

Curl Stop is the original, patent pending solution, to stop curled rug corners. After working with the rug and carpet industry for over 50+ years, inventors Charlie and Randy recognized a universal problem with rugs, their corners rarely lay flat. The two realized that no product exist on the market today specifically designed to solve the problem of rug curling. Sure there are products that keep rugs from slipping, but the corners would still curl causing trip hazards and possible damage to rugs.

After years of experience within the industry, extensive research and product testing, we are proud to introduce the finest and only proven product that solves the problem of rug curling. Curl Stop is a unique anti-rug curling system that keeps rug corners flat and holds to the rug and not your floors. Installation is quick and easy.


Manufactured by CurlStop,Inc. 

NOTE: Curl Stop will not keep a rug from "creeping" or slipping on a floor. A proper padding is recommended to keep rugs from slipping on a slick surface. There are special pads that keep rugs from creeping when laid over wall-to-wall carpets. Curl Stop corners can be used when there is a padding under a rug.